European Director of Indiegogo Hinted the Company May Start Accepting Bitcoin

Anastasia Emmanuel, the European director of technology and design at Indiegogo hinted that the company may start accepting Bitcoin sometime in the future. She said that to a CoinTelegraph correspondent after her speech at the Slush conference. It sounded like a hint but, if there is any chance of Indiegogo actually adopting Bitcoin, it would have a positive influence on the development of the cryptocurrency.

Indiegogo is a well known, established crowdfunding platform, which helps millions of companies and startups to raise funds for their ideas and bring them to life. The main idea of Indiegogo is to democratize funding, to make capital more accessible for people all over the world. For now, the company seeks to develop equity crowdfunding as they consider it to be the future of finance. Anastasia told CoinTelegraph:

“I absolutely think it’s a part of our financial future and our fund tried to fix the problem of equity crowdfunding seven years ago. But we couldn’t as it didn’t actually exist then. And we had this feeling that people wanted to become a part of the company they funded. I mean, it’s much more exciting not to invest in banks where you get bad

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