EU’s Change of Stance on Bitcoin Won’t Do Much Harm to ISIL

The recent terrorist attack on Paris has caused a furore among the international community, especially in Europe and United States. Soon after the attacks, multiple reports started circulating around stating that the terrorists were funded using bitcoin. The governments that never took anonymous hacktivists seriously suddenly started considering their statements about bitcoin. Now, based on those unverified reports Europe is planning to reconsider its stance on bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The European Union and United States have been unsuccessful so far in thwarting the spread of ISIL. It is also claimed that the same NATO allies were responsible for creating the terrorist organization in the first place by destabilizing the region in the name of democracy. Whether it is s conspiracy theory or not, still they seem to be sitting on their hands and the current move to crack down on digital currencies instead of appearing clueless about ways to tackle it.

One of the Anti-ISIL hacktivist groups recently confirmed that it found over 9000 bitcoins worth of about $3 million in bitcoin wallets which are thought to be owned by the terrorist organization. However, no one has accounted for the actual fiat currency that is currently in ISIL’s

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