Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Based Binary Trading

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A few years ago (in 2008, to be exact,) there were two major innovations that entered the world of trading, and these two innovations changes the world of finances as we know it: Bitcoins and binary options trading.

What is a Bitcoin?

Simply put, a bitcoin is a form of digital currency. There is no physical entity of a bitcoin; instead, this form of currency relies on balances that exist on a public ledger that is encrypted with both public and private keys.

Bitcoins were created as a means to facilitate online payments without the need for a centralized authority. Because they are decentralized and they offer anonymity, this form of currency has become quite popular.

What is Binary Options Trading?

Binary options trading is a very simple and straightforward trading platform. Basically, it is a yes/no trading platform that is designed to have a payout of a fixed amount. In other words, a trader in the binary options market decides whether a certain asset will go up or go down in price over a fixed period of time.

Bitcoin Binary Options Trading

Many innovative brokers have realized that there is a new opportunity in the trading market and have come up with different ways to

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