Exclusive: An Interview with Susanne from Bitnation

Bitnation was recently in the news for assisting European nations to process the refugees entering Europe and providing support to these refugees as well. We caught up with Ms. Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, the founder and CEO of Bitnation to know more about the organization, projects they are currently involved in and her future plans for Bitnation.

NewsBTC:  Please tell us a bit more about Bitnation

Susanne: Bitnation is the world’s first Virtual Nation providing real governance services. It’s powered by the blockchain technology, which enables us to provide the same services traditional governments provide, but cheaper, better, and more secure.

NewsBTC: How did the idea originate, and how far has it been scaled till now?

Susanne: I’ve been thinking about it for about a decade. My father was stateless, and I’ve always thought it was bizarre that just by the virtue of having been accidentally born somewhere, we would be limited to choosing one governance service provider. I started to write about it back then – non-geographically contingent governance service aggregators – but like most people, I thought it was too insane of an idea, and to ‘change things from the inside’ was more realistic. Hence, I started working for other governments

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