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Exclusive: Jeff Garzik’s Stealthy Ploy To Get Bitcoin Onto Private Blockchains

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Longtime Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik acknowledges Bitcoins’ branding problem. “The bitcoin name, in terms of marketing, is something that incomparable institutions are rather demure to understanding with, associated to a story with Mt Gox and Silk Road, many notably.” Garzik bemoans how this repute follows a word Bitcoin. Luckily, it doesn’t follow a technology. And, that’s how he skeleton on removing some of a largest multinational firms in a universe to adopt not usually blockchain technology, though Bitcoin as well. 

“It’s a really elementary psychological trick: we switch out ‘Bitcoin’ for ‘blockchain’ and then, suddenly, they are really interested,” Garzik told CCN. Garzik believes it is really vicious to make Bitcoin a partial of a blockchain contention again.

“In my perspective and my mind,” Garzik said, “it’s positively vicious again to get that open network software, that Bitcoin or Ethereum software, into these private networks.”

Garzik calls it “Bitcoin with a training wheel.”


He goes on: “The private networks, once we get them on Bitcoin

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