Exclusive: NewsBTC Catches up with Equibit’s Chris Horlacher – NEWSBTC

NewsBTC recently got an opportunity to interact with Chris Horlacher, who is part of the Canadian Bitcoin ecosystem and the founder of Equibit — a decentralized securities platform. We asked a few questions and got him talking about his upcoming product.

NewsBTC: You have been in various positions, donning multiple hats. Can you tell us a bit about the things you have been involved in so far?

Chris: I have been doing a lot of things over the past few years. I have been writing and blogging for years, lot of them are getting republished on other platforms these days. Some of my articles also get published in The Dollar Vigilante. I am the board member of Mises Institute of Canada. Currently I am doing less writing and more business building and development for Equibit.

NewsBTC: Can you tell us a bit more about your association with Bitcoin Alliance of Canada?

Chris: I happened to meet Anthony DeOrio, the founder of Bitcoin Alliance of Canada at the Mises Institute meetups. He used to be a regular audience in the meetups. Anthony was already involved in Bitcoin and he had been organizing meetups etc. Once

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