Experts: FBI Not Bidding On Hacked NSA Code With Bitcoin From Silk...

Experts: FBI Not Bidding On Hacked NSA Code With Bitcoin From Silk Road Seizure

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The FBI is not bidding on stolen National Security Agency (NSA) source code with bitcoins seized from Silk Road, contrary to a widely reported allegation. That’s according to security experts interviewed by The Hill.

The allegation emerged when a bitcoin user sent money to both an NSA source code account and the seized bitcoin account, but no money changed between the accounts, according to experts.

NSA Source Code Hacked

Last week, a group called the Shadow Brokers claimed to have hacked NSA source code and offered to sell hacked source code in exchange for the most generous financial offer. Hence, when someone sent money to both the NSA source code account and the seized bitcoin account, the action fed suspicion that someone was bidding on the hacked NSA source code with the bitcoin the FBI seized from Silk Road.

Some people are mistaking incoming and outgoing payments, said Wesley McGrew, director of cyber operations at HORNE Cyber. He said he initially made the same mistake. If one does not look closely enough, or is not familiar with bitcoin, the mistake

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