Faster Payments: Nocks Browser Extension Integrates Bitcoin and Guldencoin Payments Into Web Browsers

Nocks, an Amsterdam-based payment platform for bitcoin, has launched a browser extension called Nocks Nimble that recognizes bitcoin and Guldencoin wallet addresses.

Nocks Nimble gives users the ability to send payments to these addresses from within their Chrome or Firefox browsers. Once the user integrates the browser extension into their browser, they do not need to use the Nocks website to make payments.

Fast and Easy Cryptocoin Payments

Sending a payment with Nocks Nimble mostly consists of clicks, not copy pasting addresses and payment amounts into wallets. “We want to make payments seamless, login-free and always available,” Roel Buerra, co-founder, told CCN.

And a cool feature is that this also integrates Nocks in your browser, meaning you can send payments to bitcoin addresses with Guldencoin and send payments to Guldencoin addresses with bitcoin, all while the receiver simply receives what he or she wants to receive. All straight from your browser, without ever having to see the Nocks website.

The browser extension makes it especially easy to pay in bitcoin or Guldencoin when shopping online.

“Making a payment online isn’t too hard when you pay in stores or when you scan a QR code using your phone. But we feel we can

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