Flying Robots Are Everywhere, and They Benefit From Bitcoin!

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Drones for peaceful purposes are relentlessly converging with Bitcoin and its blockchain technology to defy obsolete ideas and introduce dramatic change in all industry sectors. Spectacular advances in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are providing increasingly omnipresent drones and robots with immense potential to create wealth, previously unimaginable business solutions, and new jobs.

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Flying Robots Are Everywhere

drone robotsDrones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or flying robots, are promising to have an impact as tremendous as the one the Internet had a few decades ago.

The Internet and drone technology are coming together to create amazing new possibilities. For example, Facebook is building drones to create an Internet network in the sky, with the goal of providing Internet services to people living in remote areas of the planet.

To measure drones’ technological impact across industry segments, PwC conducted the study, “Clarity from above: PwC global report on the commercial applications of drone technology.” The study forecasts that soon, all economy sectors will start experiencing the impact of drones.

The PwC study estimates the value of drone-powered solutions at over $127 billion USD, as follows:

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