Force of Will Token Sale Commences On November 28

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Force of Will is a new blockchain-based trading card game attracting a lot of attention. Similarly to how Spells of Genesis came into the world, the game will be released in several stages. Additionally, a sale of in-game currency will commence later this November. All of the in-game items are to be issued on the blockchain over the Counterparty protocol.

Some people may be familiar with Force of Will, as the game has been around for some time. With over 100,000 active players worldwide, it is difficult to ignore its success. Ever since the team noticed the success of Spells of Genesis, a decision was made to issue digital game items as blockchain assets.

All of the Force of Will digital cards issued as tokens will be issued through Counterparty. This system makes use of the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing assets to be freely transferred in real time. Project ORB, which was pioneered by Spells of Genesis, will be embraced by FoW as well.

Force of Will Token Sale Details Revealed

All of the FoW ORBs will become playable on the game’s Battle Simulator. This process will commence one the team’s WILLCOIN sale kicks off later this month. Depending on a player’s ORB holdings, the visual effect of their cards will be enhanced. Additionally, holding more ORBs makes players stand out from the rest of the community.

Keeping in mind how FoW orbs can be accessed in Spells of Genesis, the concept holds a lot of merit for players of both games. This also makes FoW ORBs the first-ever large-scale cross-game promotion. It is expected other blockchain-based games will follow this lead by example in the coming years.

As mentioned earlier, the WILLCOIN sale will take place later this month. The entire coin supply is issued as Counterparty tokens. Users who “burn” WILLCOIN will receive 1 FoW ORB at random. The currency is also usable to exchange currency for FoW ORB trading on the mobile app. Existing Force of Will players will be able to convert their loyalty points to WILLCOIN in the future.

Come November 28; the WILLCOIN token will commence, and run until December 22nd. A total of 20,000 WILLCOIN is made available for purchase, and four different batches of coins will be available to players and investors. Purchasing tokens can be done through a Tokenly Swapbot, with more information to be released in the coming weeks.

Header image courtesy of Force of Will