Fourth Ethereum Hard Fork Is Called Spurious Dragon

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As most cryptocurrency users are well aware, Ethereum will undergo another hard fork. After a lot of discussion among developers, the decision was made to activate the fork at block 2,675,000. Multiple clients will be ready to accommodate this change, which marks another significant milestone for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Every Ethereum hard fork has a rather unusual name, and the fourth one is no exception. Under the Spurious Dragon banner, this new fork will go into effect at block 2,675,000.  Both Geth and Parity hard fork-enabled clients are ready to download, giving users plenty of choices as to which clients they prefer to use.

Ethereum Hard Fork Number Four Is Almost Here

As one would come to expect, there is some discussion over the hard fork naming process. Reddit user LagofJesus feels the fork should be named after him. It goes without saying such petty comments show there is still a lot of immaturity in cryptocurrency as a whole.

All of the changes will occur in about 5-6 days from now. Keeping in mind how this is the fourth hard fork for Ethereum, no major issues are expected. However, it is plausible major exchanges will halt ETH deposits and withdrawals

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