French MP Wants To Crack Down On Dark Net Drug Sales


Bernard Debré, a member of the Republicans Party in France, is very much worried about the sale of illegal substances on the dark web and the clearnet. To draw public attention, he even ordered some drugs from an online marketplace.

Debré took part in a survey recently where he discovered that illicit substances can be bought online pretty easily. He said:

“All you need to do to find drugs on the Web is log onto an official website, usually in The Netherlands, which offers spice, which is an extremely dangerous narcotic and hallucinogenic mushroom. We could have easily banned all this business, but the problem is that a handful of people in France want to legalize these drugs. In Holland, people are pretty much tolerant about these drugs, while in France they are outlawed. What I’m saying is that we need to end this cross-border trade, because the hallucinogenic mushrooms I found there are banned but are still available online.”

He suggests France to ask the Netherlands to shut off online drug dealing websites:

”If they want to legalize marijuana at home, all right, but this doesn’t mean you can mail it anywhere else in Europe.”

Debré also spoke about the issue of dark net markets and he added that he wants France and other countries to ban Bitcoin since it makes money laundering very easy:

“We even have La Maison du Bitcoin (House of Bitcoin) here in Paris. If we fight Bitcoin and get rid of it internationally, we will be able to destroy the dark net. We need to make this ban international. We can access the dark net to expose those who sell these drugs and those who buy them. I would also like to know why they are not doing this. Maybe they are unaware of this. In any case, I got no definitive answer from our Interior Minister.”

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