From TREZOR to LastPASS: Best Password Managers 2016 Review

About a week ago I discovered that some hacker managed to get a hold of 99Bitcoins’ email addresses and started spamming our mailing list. If you’re on the email list then you probably already received my official apology for this. If you’re not, then this shouldn’t matter to you anyway. Since then I’ve taken measures to secure the email records and now things are back to normal more or less.

However, this whole fiasco got me thinking a bit more about security, and that’s what I want to devote today’s post to. So today I’m going to show you:

  • Just how weak your own passwords are,
  • How I lost $1500 because I used the same password over and over again (sounds familiar?)
  • Finally, review the best password managers around (including a Bitcoin related password manager).

How a weak password cost me $1500

Somewhere around 2010 I was running all sorts of marketing campaigns on Google Adwords, Yahoo! and Bing. I had my credit card on file with each of these accounts, and not being too preoccupied with security I used the same password on all of my accounts.

At the time I thought my password was secure, it was “x9Jevslt” – seems pretty hard to guess right?

However one day

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