Germany-based fintech crypto-startup deCLOUDs has caught the attention of international bankers

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DeCLOUDs block-chain StartUp was unveiled on July 15, and has immediately started attracting investment through its crowd-funding campaign, which will last until October 6, 2016. The project has already received support not only from private investors, but from international bankers as well.

The deCLOUDs platform core concept is the of use of block-chain cloud computing technology for interaction between the participants of the system and the close integration of the deCLOUDs tokens to the market prices of precious metals: platinum, gold, silver, and palladium.

It is evident that most cryptocurrencies’ exchange rates are very unstable, so their volatile fluctuations make them inefficient to use as a means of everyday payments for goods and services. To make the deCLOUDs exchange rate more stable, we decided to implement the close alliance of our cryptocurrency with precious metals”, said Stas Nikolaev and Christian Schroeder, the deCLOUDs developers.

It is very encouraging that the project immediately caught the attention of private investors who actively participated in the Initial Coin Offering at

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