Germany-based fintech crypto-startup deCLOUDs has caught the attention of international bankers


DeCLOUDs block-chain StartUp was unveiled on July 15, and has immediately started attracting investment through its crowd-funding campaign, which will last until October 6, 2016. The project has already received support not only from private investors, but from international bankers as well.

The deCLOUDs platform core concept is the of use of block-chain cloud computing technology for interaction between the participants of the system and the close integration of the deCLOUDs tokens to the market prices of precious metals: platinum, gold, silver, and palladium.

It is evident that most cryptocurrencies’ exchange rates are very unstable, so their volatile fluctuations make them inefficient to use as a means of everyday payments for goods and services. To make the deCLOUDs exchange rate more stable, we decided to implement the close alliance of our cryptocurrency with precious metals”, said Stas Nikolaev and Christian Schroeder, the deCLOUDs developers.

It is very encouraging that the project immediately caught the attention of private investors who actively participated in the Initial Coin Offering at

It is worth mentioning that the startup offers special terms for early bird investors, applying a bonus system for those who are swift to act.

Last week the deCLOUDs founder made a number of presentations, one of which attended by representatives of the German banking sector.

After the presentation, DAB BANK representative showed tremendous interest in the deCLOUDs project and the project subsequently presented with a 5 million Euro bank cheque.

We’re very impressed with this project’s core concepts and the fact that they are easy to use for everyday transactions; that they are not just for tech geeks. We believe that the deCLOUDs project has successfully managed to grasp all today’s best practices in the world of cryptocurrencies. The idea of the decentralized trade of precious metals is very up-to-date. We’re very glad to invest in this promising future-proof startup”, the bank’s representative confirmed when commenting on its decision to support the project.

Indeed, the deCLOUDs crypto-platform developed with an intentional focus on non-professionals, along with special attention paid to the creation of a very user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the absence of the need for daily downloads of massive blockchains saves a considerable amount of end users’ time.

The deCLOUDs crowdfunding campaign is available at and will be running until October 6, 2016.

Source: ICO Timeline