Glidera Launches the First White Label Bitcoin Buying Service for Wallets and Merchants


The bitcoin space just got a bit more user-friendly as Glidera, a Chicago-based exchange and wallet provider launches the first service to allow web-based businesses to carry an API that will allow users to buy and sell bitcoin directly from their site.

By simply clicking on a button, users on sites such as Overstock or Expedia will be able to buy and sell bitcoin from their wallets without going through an exchange or other third-party provider if those sites integrate Glidera’s new service.

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“Much of our motivation in developing this new service was to further promote a decentralized bitcoin ecosystem – giving users increased control over their bitcoin and more independence from third-party institutions,” Glidera CEO David Ripley said in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine.

Unlike existing buy/sell services, Glidera never takes custody of a customer’s funds, but merely enables the transaction, ensures that it is “legal” and meets any regulatory requirements, and is 100 percent secure, the company says.

Glidera prides itself on its world-class security system that ensures users funds remain safe at all times.

“We see many fantastic wallets, applications, and developer tools

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