Global Bitcoin Film Competition Calls for Submissions

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Bitfilm, the international bitcoin and blockchain-themed film festival, has released its call for entries today.

Founded in 2000, Bitfilm previously showcased films using digital technology creatively. Having experimented with bitcoin as prize money in 2011, it rebranded as bitcoin-only last year.

Managing director Aaron Koenig told CoinDesk the event aims to expand the reach of the technology beyond the usual crowd:

“We want to reach a broad audience: people who are interested in bitcoin and want to know more about it, but who would not attend a bitcoin meetup or conference, as it seems too geeky for them.”

Kicking off in Berlin on 6th November, its finalists will be screened at different bitcoin hubs across the globe including San Francisco, Mexico, Budapest and Amsterdam. Winners in its two categories – best feature film and best short film – will be announced at Mexico City’s LaBitConf on 5th December.

At the festival, bitcoin will be both prize money and a voting tool. Each film will have its own bitcoin address, with viewers donating to the submission they like best. The film with the most amount of funds when voting closes on December 4th will be the winner.

Could this leave the festival open to abuse, with

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