Global Stock Markets Plunge Up to 10%

In a show of volatility that only Bitcoin users and some third world countries are really used to, markets around the world have seen falls in price of up to 10% over Monday and early Tuesday. 

Global market meltdown

Rupert Neate of The Guardian reports:

“US stock markets collapsed on Monday continuing a global stock market rout that has wiped hundreds of billions of dollars off shares across the world.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by 6.4%, the SP 500 dropped 4%, and the Nasdaq lost 8.5% raising fears that a fresh tech bubble has burst. The drops followed already-heavy falls last week.”

The most affected stocks in America were Facebook, losing 14% at one point and Apple going 11% under, though they recovered back into positive numbers soon after.

Here’s a summery of the events from The Guardian.