Goodgame Studios Enables Bitcoin In-Game Purchases Through Bitpay

In recent months, we have seen an increase in the partnerships between Bitcoin companies and [mobile] game developers. Bitcoin lends itself better for microtransactions compared to traditional payment methods.  This is due to lower fees and near-instant transactions. Goodgame Studios is the latest game development company to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

Goodgame Studios – Casual Free Online GamesGoodgame Studios

More and more people are being drawn to the aspect of casual and free games they can play with family, friends and even strangers. Human nature makes us very competitive, and when it comes to games, we all play to be the best and improve our character over time.

Even though most people like to play very casual games, the online aspect of such games makes them all the more appealing whenever you have a bit of spare time to kill.   And Goodgame Studios is catering to those players.  All of their games can be played in an online fashion, completely free of charge.

With over 270 million registered users worldwide, Goodgame Studios games are very popular, as they can be played both through the browser and on mobile devices.   Some of our readers may have even played some of their major game titles, such as Empire or Big Farm, which are among the top twenty-five most-played free online games.

The major growth in user base means that Goodgame Studios has been able to expand their staff exponentially.  At the time of publication, the company employs over 1,200 people from more than 60 different nations around the globe.  As a result, Goodgame Studios has become the world’s largest German employer in the gaming software industry to date.

As the number of players increases, so does the number of in-app purchases for all of the Goodgame Studios’ titles.  However, the company has been looking at alternative payment methods to complement their existing options.  Bitcoin is a perfect fit for this role.  The network integrates directly over the internet to make payment processing a breeze.   All of the Bitcoin in-app purchases will be handled by BitPay, the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor.

Partnership With BitPay

When asked about the partnership with BitPay, Goodgame Studios’ Head of Monetization and payment Oleg Savschouk stated:

“Our partnership with BitPay is an important step for us and we are excited to be one of the few gaming companies that offer payments with bitcoins. With BitPay, our players now have access to a new and convenient payment platform.  Our focus is always providing our users with the best of entertainment as well as safe and secure payment platforms, hence this partnership is in sync with our overall goals.”

The partnership between Goodgame Studios and BitPay will make it more convenient for the player, as the payments are executed instantly, and they do not need to own a credit card to make a purchase.  Furthermore, Bitcoin is a borderless digital payment option, allowing Goodgame Studios to expand their customer base on a worldwide scale.

More and more companies in the gaming industry are starting to accept Bitcoin payments.  Some of the biggest names in that regard are Jagex, BigFish, Gamesplanet and Green Man Gaming.  As more and more success stories come out, Bitcoin will play a bigger and bigger role in the online gaming industry.

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Images courtesy of Goodgame Studios, BitPay and Shutterstock