Google Just Murdered 99Satoshis…(Bitcoin Faucet Update)

It is with a sad heart that I declare the premature death of 99Satoshis who was only 2 weeks old. 99Satoshis died from a Google Adsense ban on May 13th 2016. May he rest in peace…

Due to this unfortunate turn of event I’ve decided to write this month’s update a bit earlier than usual, so anyone out there who’s building a faucet can learn from my mistakes.

What the hell happened to Bitcoin faucets all around the world?

There’s no doubt about it, Google hates Bitcoin faucets. Mainly due to the fact that the traffic on these sites has a considerable amount of bots and “junk traffic”. That’s why Google went on a slapping crusade two weeks ago and banned some of the biggest faucets out there from displaying Google Adsense.

Bitcoin Aliens, ClaimBTC, BTC-faucet and many more (including 99Satoshis) were banned. Some faucet owners got more than $40K in Google earnings withheld from them and it seems that the age of profitable faucets is over.

Of course this was very discouraging since at the time even though 99Satoshis was a young faucet it was doing 150% better than Milli in terms of revenue.

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