Google Just Murdered 99Satoshis…(Bitcoin Faucet Update)

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It is with a unhappy heart that we announce a beforehand genocide of 99Satoshis who was usually 2 weeks old. 99Satoshis died from a Google Adsense anathema on May 13th 2016. May he rest in peace…

Due to this hapless spin of eventuality I’ve motionless to write this month’s refurbish a bit progressing than usual, so anyone out there who’s building a faucet can learn from my mistakes.

What a ruin happened to Bitcoin faucets all around a world?

There’s no doubt about it, Google hates Bitcoin faucets. Mainly due to a fact that a trade on these sites has a substantial volume of bots and “junk traffic”. That’s because Google went on a slapping crusade dual weeks ago and criminialized some of a biggest faucets out there from displaying Google Adsense.

Bitcoin Aliens, ClaimBTC, BTC-faucet and many some-more (including 99Satoshis) were banned. Some faucet owners got some-more than $40K in Google gain funded from them and it seems that a age of essential faucets is over.

Of march this was really troublesome given during a time even yet 99Satoshis was a immature faucet it was doing 150% improved than Milli in terms of revenue.

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