Governor of Russian Central Bank Open-minded Towards Bitcoin

Avid Bitcoin enthusiasts will remember how Russian government officials recently blocked access to several digital currency websites. The reason for that blockade was because these sites spread “sensitive information which is not in accordance with Russian law”. However, that decision was recently overturned by a Russian court, even though most of the websites are still not accessible. And if you thought that was the final chapter of the story, you are sadly mistaken.

Russia To Welcome Bitcoin… Apparently

In a rather shocking turn of events, the Governor of Russia’s Central Bank is rather open-minded towards Bitcoin and digital currency. An official meeting between representatives of the financial community and the Russian Central Bank is scheduled at an unknown date.  Even though a decision has to be made on the position of Russia in terms of digital currency, it looks like the decision may turn out in favour of Bitcoin.

Assuming the rumours about the Governor of Russia’s Central Bank are correct, we may see a lower-level of regulation regarding certain Bitcoin activities. While the details of these activities are still up in the air, the most likely candidates include transactions, settlements

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