Gov’t in U.S. First to Record Survey on Bitcoin’s Blockchain

There have been many smaller mainstream uses of the public recording information into Bitcoin’s Blockchain. Marriages and financial shareholding have also started to use blockchain technology. Now, for the first time, government survey information is being sent to the world’s most technologically-advanced online ledger.

First Government use of Blockchain Tech to Store Data

The watershed moment was recently recorded in the state of Connecticut by Tierion, who’s business concept is to record information onto Bitcoin’s Blockchain. State of Connecticut officials sought out Tierion to survey the state’s top 200 technology companies to learn how they can help them retain premium local talent while growing their workforce.

“Generating a blockchain receipt for each survey response makes it possible for anyone to verify the data without relying on a trusted third party,” says Tierion in an official statement. “ Auditing each result can be done by verifying the receipt.”

Such surveys done by government officials are useful in future endeavors, like allotment of state resources or zoning for area development. With many private and public interests involved, a secure and transparent way to store and retrieve this data can be a benefit to all involved. Instead of these survey

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