Greece Government Confident About Lifting Capital Controls Soon

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In an incredibly surprising turn of events, it looks as if Greece is getting ready to lift capital controls but the end of the year.After facing an economic disaster not too long ago, the country has tried to recover. For some unknown reason, things seem to be going a lot better than most people expected.

Many people have been following the news about Greece and feared the situation in the country would only become worse over time. Capital controls are annoying to deal with, but there seemed to be no other viable option for the government to do otherwise. As a result, consumers and businesses were very restricted in sending, spending, and receiving funds.  But it appears as if everything has stabilized again.

Lifting Capital Controls

Keeping in mind how over 50 billion euros left banks between November 2014 and July 2015, it seemed unrealistic to expect any improvement in Greece. Moreover, there were valid concerns Greece would drop the Euro and resort to emergency borrowing. However, Louka Katseli, chair of the National Bank of Greece, feels the biggest part of these restrictions will be lifted later this year.

There are particular conditions the country must adhere to

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