Guide for Bitcoin Users: ‘How to Survive Life Behind a Computer Screen‘

Readers of CoinTelegraph are likely to be among the increasing hordes of people who make their livings sitting behind a computer screen from four to nine hours a day.

This kind of living is all well and good — especially if you do it from home in your pajamas — but if done incorrectly, it can take a toll on both your body and eyesight.

There are a few key investments you can make in your office setup — all available for Bitcoin — that can improve your health and prevent painful problems later (or sooner) in life. I have tried everything I recommend below to surprisingly positive results.

Your Eyes

Ever get “eye strain” or a headache or “dry, itchy” eyes after staring for hours at a screen? You are not alone.

Digital screens emit UV light, and this light is on a spectrum. It’s the blue end of the spectrum that strains your eyes and causes discomfort.

Several brands of “computer reading glasses” or “gaming glasses” have been developed to solve this problem. Their lenses contain a yellow tint and some kind of special coating that filters out most of the blue end of your screen’s UV emissions.

And here’s the weird thing: the glasses

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