Hacker Steals and Donates €10K in Bitcoin to Kurdish Group

€10K in Bitcoin Given to Rojava-based Kurdish anticapitalist group by same Hacker who compromised Hacking Team and Gamma Group

Do you remember Algerian hacker Hamza Bendelladj who was arrested in Malaysia for hacking into banks and donating a large amount of money to Palestinian charities? Well, he’s in prison now but there’s another good hacker who has been hacking and donating money to anti-ISIS forces.

This hacker is quite intelligent and well-versed at the technique, which is why it is such an easy job for this hacker to conduct such high-profile breaches like that of the Hacking Team and Gamma Group. In the latest strike, this hacker who uses the nickname “Phineas Phisher” “Hack Back!” and “@GammaGroupPR,” has raked in around €10,000 (about £8,000) Bitcoin in a hack attack.

The bitcoin amount has been sent to Kurdish anticapitalist group Rojava Plan that is based in Rojava. Rojava is an autonomous region located in northern parts of Syria. This particular anticapitalist group is being regarded as “one of the most inspiring revolutionary projects in the world today.”