Hackfest Speeds Up Development for Next Generation Onion Services

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A blog post on the Tor site said that a couple of weeks ago, Tor dev.’s got together and worked on nothing but onion services for an entire 7 days.

“The event was very rewarding and we wrote this blog post to share with you how we spent our week!” the post read.

This is Tor’s second ‘onion hackfest’. The last being legendary Arlington Accords in July of 2015. Tor has been working on Proposal 224; or, Next Generation Onion Services for the past couple months and this week long meeting was to help get them ahead with the developments.

“It is extremely helpful to meet and work together in the same physical area as we hammer out open issues, review each other’s code, and quickly make development decisions that would take days to coordinate through mailing lists. During hackfest we did tons of work. Here is an incomplete list of the things we did:

In our previous hidden service hackfest, we started designing a system for distributed random number generation on the Tor network. A “distributed random number generator “is a system where multiple computers collaborate and generate a single random number in a way that nobody could have predicted in

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