Harborly Is Moving to Texas Y’all!


“I love Texas because Texas is future-oriented, because Texans think anything is possible. Texans think big.” – Senator Phil Gramm

Texas Bitcoin

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The Harborly team has been working tirelessly these past few months and it is now even easier to buy and sell Bitcoin and Litecoin using our new interface. Currently, Harborly 2.0 is live in Canada and we are working with our partners on an aggressive launch timeline for other key markets in 2015.

As activity has steadily increased, we have given considerable thought to where it would be best to base operations. After much deliberation we are excited to announce that Harborly is moving to Texas y’all!

Why Texas you might ask?

There are a myriad of reasons but here are a few:

  • Favorable regulatory and tax regimes.
  • Strong network of entrepreneurs, incubators and investors.
  • Proximity to Austin, a hub for technology startups.
  • Highly educated and tech-savvy labor force.

Specifically, it is also worth noting that the political climate in the state is particularly friendly toward cryptocurrency startups. Among other things, both the Governor Greg Abbott (R) and Congressman Steve Stockman (R) are bitcoin supporters. To cite a couple of examples, Governor Abbot has been noted as one of the first politicians to accept Bitcoin donations for his campaign, and Stockman recently submitted a bill to Congress that would prohibit any state or federal regulator from enacting Bitcoin regulation for the next five years.

Generally, Texas’ political outlook shares much in common with that of the Bitcoin community and as the Harborly team continues to review options for a U.S. launch and examine Bitcoin solutions for the remittance space, being based here simply makes sense.

For now, Harborly has an arrangement for co-working space at START Houston but continues to consider options for a permanent space in both Austin and Houston.

If you have questions or feedback please email us at hello@harbor.ly.


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