HashPool – A New Bitcoin Mining Pool With Tons of Features

Despite Bitcoin being in a state of flux right now, due to a fairly low Bitcoin price and regulatory requirements scrutinizing startups in the US, some companies are still pushing forward with their expansion plans. HashingSpace Corporation have launched their Bitcoin mining pool – called Hashpool.com – and made the pool’s mobile app available for both Android and iOS users.

HashPool.com – A New Bitcoin Mining Pool With Mobile ToolsHashPool App

In recent weeks, the name HashingSpace Corporation has made headlines on this website multiple times. The company is on an aggressive spree in terms of expanding their offerings in the Bitcoin ecosystem. HashPool will be of interest to Bitcoin miners from all over the world, as the backend will balance the mining load based on a GEO-IP implementation.

But that is not all, as HashPool gives users access to Stratum and P2P mining pools, allowing miners to maximize their mining revenue. In fact, according to early statistics, HashPool seems to be one of the most profitable Bitcoin mining pools in existence today. Combine that with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and even the “greenest” Bitcoin miner will easily find their way to start generating new Bitcoins within minutes.

What makes HashPool really interesting is how any user can connect to the mining pool, either from a computer or mobile device. HashingSpace Corporation launched mobile applications, available on both Android and iOS, for the launch of their Bitcoin mining pool. It will be interesting to see what kind of role these mobile apps will play in the pool’s profitability in the next few months.

“This completes another goal of ours to provide intuitive, convenient, robust and secure Bitcoin solutions to the Bitcoin community. We have created a Bitcoin mining App that allows bitcoin miners worldwide to come on board and begin to maximize their mining capabilities. Anyone can purchase the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores and join our public mining pool to increase their profits.” – HashingSpace Corporation CEO Timothy Roberts told the media.

Note from the Author: the HashPool mobile application costs US$29.95.

Similar to how most major mining pools balance the workload, HashPool is running various nodes throughout the world to ensure the lowest mining latency as possible. In fact, HashPool is one of the very few mining pools running a dedicated node in South America (Sao Paulo), rather than forcing South American miners to connect to a US East or US West server.Bitcoin Miner

Mining Pool Competition To Heat Up

Despite there being quite a few mining pools in existence today, there is not one solution that seems to check all boxes for miners. Especially with such a low Bitcoin price, any chance for miners to maximize their earnings by even the smallest of margins will go a long way. This is exactly what hashingSpace Corporation and HashPool are trying to achieve.

“We are excited to bring to the Bitcoin marketplace what we feel is the most well designed and user-friendly mining pool portal and mining pool apps available. This allows our customers to maximize their mining capabilities and increase their profits, I personally used the top 10 pools and took what I felt was missing or was hard to use and built what I believe is the best pool app on the market.” HashingSpace Corporation CEO Timothy Roberts concluded.

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Images courtesy of HashingSpace Corporation, HashPool, BitcoinVox