Here’s Rootstock’s Spin on a Bitcoin Sidechains Concept

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Rootstock Sidechains

Rootstock is a Bitcoin sidechain now in growth by RSK Labs. It is a height for distributed smart contracts, most like Ethereum, though a fact that it’s a Bitcoin sidechain means that it will use a bitcoin banking by default.

Although a sidechain thought has especially been grown by Blockstream over a past few years, Rootstock has motionless to put their possess spin on a concept. During a recent interview with Epicenter Bitcoin, RSK Labs Chief Scientist Sergio Lerner explained how a two-way peg, that allows users to send bitcoins between blockchains, will work with Bitcoin and Rootstock.

Rootstock’s Hybrid System for a Two-Way Peg

In further to a strange chronicle of sidechains that was creatively announced behind in Apr 2014 by Blockstream’s Adam Back and Austin Hill, there are also a few other, singular ways to capacitate a two-way peg between Bitcoin and another blockchain.

“There are several ways to exercise a two-way peg,” Lerner told Epicenter Bitcoin. “One is a sidechain judgment that was grown by Blockstream, and a other is a drivechain judgment that was grown by [Bloq Economist]

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