Heroin: Numbers 3 and 4

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The present author would like to emphasize that the following is in the context of harm reduction. Heroin is a very dangerous drug that should be avoided. That being said, some may have seen discussion regarding #3 and #4 forms of heroin. In the paragraphs that follow I hope to detail their difference, which essentially comes down to stages of processing.

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Heroin Hydrochloride Bottle

Opium is the original opiate. Opium is derived from the sap of poppies and primarily contains two molecules of interest: morphine and codeine. As can be seen, both morphine and codeine share a similar molecular structure. They possess three planar 6-carbon rings connected on one side by an oxygen. A nitrogen and some carbons extend outward from their flat structures. Around 200 years ago, morphine was first isolated and used as a treatment for opium addiction. This treatment plan was abandoned as the addiction potential of morphine was soon discovered.


Around 100 years ago, history repeated itself when Bayer Pharmaceuticals began

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