Hospitality Industry ‘Must Embrace’ Technology And Cashless Payments




BLOG: Orderella CEO Dennis Collet explains because a restaurants and bars contingency adopt cashless payments and other record to urge service

Technology has essentially altered any and each attention and business – what differs is how most an particular zone embraces this change. Businesses need to adopt this mobile expansion in sequence to pierce brazen and a hospitality attention is no different.



We recently conducted a news into a future of record in a liberality industry, alongside a Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR), seeking both consumers and operators[1] their views on a subject.

What became transparent is that both operators and consumers trust record has a vital purpose to play in pulling a attention on, from improving use for business to attracting them in a initial place.

Cashless payments

Dennis Collett Orderella CEOOne of a biggest issues confronting the

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