HotelGo24 Offers Bitcoin Cash Back On Hotel Bookings

One of the most common remarks regarding Bitcoin is how it sounds good on paper, but is far from usable in the real world.  Granted, Bitcoin is accepted in far fewer stores than we would like, but that doesn’t make it a useless payment method either.  And with HotelGo24 now launched, booking a hotel with Bitcoin has never been easier.

Opportunities for The Travelling Bitcoin EnthusiastHotelGo24

Over the past year and a half, we have seen multiple hotels start accepting Bitcoin payments on an individual basis.  On top of that, major travel agency Expedia has started to accept Bitcoin payments as well, even though that service has had some hiccups in the early days.

Similar services offering flights and hotels in exchange for Bitcoin have seen modest successes over time, with the most notable name being BTCTrip.  However, when this editor gave their service a try, he ended up having to pay for the hotel via credit card and received a Bitcoin refund from the BTCTrip team.

But it looks like there is a new kid on the block, called  By offering an international booking service, which has access to 130,000 hotels across 198

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