How 3 Central Banks & the Financial Elite Embraced Bitcoin for One Day

July 31 saw participants such as the World Bank and other financial elite from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan gather in Argentina and Brazil to witness the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, particularly for the Latin American region.

Much enthusiasm

The place, Argentina and Brazil; the day, July 31; the spectators: representatives from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Santander, Itáu, Cielo (Brazil’s largest credit card processor), the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank, Deloitte and the Central Banks of Argentina, Brazil and Chile, among many others. Indeed, the Bitcoin event gathered about 250 people from the banking industry led by the very reputable Pinheiro Neto, a superstar Brazilian law firm who advises all these financial giants in addition to Brazil’s Government and Central Bank.

This is the first time the Latin American banking establishment has attended a bitcoin conference and with such enthusiasm, as sources from Pinheiro Neto confirm the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants such as the World Bank are now very interested in contributing to the development of Latin America and the rest of the world through its member IFC (International Finance Corporation); a group which invests and collaborates with the private sectors of

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