How a Pair of Progressive Delis Became Metro Detroit’s Bitcoin Boosters

Bronx DeliA pair of metro Detroit delis have taken on a leadership role in promoting bitcoin. Bronx Delis in Pontiac and Farmington Hills, Mich. have served as gathering spots for local bitcoin enthusiasts. While restaurant patrons enjoy food and beverages as they discuss bitcoin, they can pay for their meals with bitcoin using smartphones and a QR code.

And if they want to add to their bitcoin wallets, they can buy bitcoin from a recently installed bitcoin ATM at the Farmington Hills restaurant, which reportedly is the first bitcoin ATM in the “Motor City.”

Tapping A New Market

Third Bronx DeliOwner Marc Zuccato believes that by accepting bitcoin, he has tapped into a new market of younger, tech-savvy customers.

“I realized that this would be a new customer base,” said Zuccato, who learned about bitcoin from his brother-in-law, a stock broker. “Plus, we also knew we would get some free publicity. We have been on Fox 2 news talking about bitcoin.”

“These ‘bitcoiners’ that eat in the deli would have never dined here if we didn’t take bitcoin,” Zuccato told CCN.

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