How Hidden Services DDoSing Works?

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Anyone who’s been around the DNMs these past few years will know the frustration of the constant ups and downs experienced for various reasons. Some have closed due to LEA intervention, exit scamming and even other less dramatic reasons. We know that LEA intervention will always be a part of the markets and well so will exit scamming as long as human beings are human beings; but one obnoxious and unnecessary cause for downtime and even closure has been Distributed Denial of Service.  DDoS attacks have been inflicted on the markets for numerous reasons: vigilantism, captivity and some hackers have even become ‘guns for hire’ being hired by smaller less successful markets to attack the bigger ones. According to his DeepdDotWeb Interview the admin of the Mr. Nice Guy Market offered to pay the ‘DDos Mafia’ to keep on attacking the bigger markets after being attacked himself.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a supped up version of a very old Network Layer attack known simply as DoS (Denial of Service). DoS attacks have been around as long as the internet and do not take any real amount of skill to execute. In earlier days DoS attacks would most

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