How Sony’s New Show ‘Startup’ Gets Bitcoin Right

It was only a matter of time until someone made a TV show featuring bitcoin. Well, that show is here in the form of a 10-episode series called Startup, and, frankly, it does a good job of depicting the weird world of crypto-currency.

The show is set in Miami and (surprise!) involves drug dealers and an FBI agent as well as a brilliant young Stanford drop-out, Izzy Morales, who tries to convince people how digital money will change the world.

The young coder is actually flogging something called “Gen-Coin,” which she claims is better than the original bitcoin, but is based on the same idea of a decentralized digital currency beyond the reach of banks and governments. In Izzy’s eyes, while money can corrupt people, the bigger issue is that “people corrupt money.”

Check out this clip from the first episode, which depicts Izzy doing a pitch for her idea to a group of bankers, who are not exactly quick to figure it out. (“Is it like PayPal?” one asks.)

This scene and other ones do a good job in portraying the philosophical case for digital money, as well as some of the technology involved. (Izzy’s ex-boyfriend, for instance, is unhappy about

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