How This Driver Escaped “The Moment He Was Caught In A Flash Flood”

Bitcoin Watch Shop / Mac Slavo / Jan 11th, 2017

Severe flooding strike a West Coast, and drivers everywhere were held in life-threatening peep floods. The detriment of life and skill repairs are already significant.

What would we do if held pushing in peep inundate conditions, and rising H2O was headed for your vehicle?

According to a Daily Mail:

Mark Chagaris uploaded video to YouTube of a terrifying peep inundate – and while it’s misleading if he was a motorist who prisoner a chilling stage on a dashboard cam – what is transparent is that a swell of H2O was really dangerous.

The shrewd motorist manages to retreat march and behind fast divided from a murky surge, that flush call after call of H2O over a highway as his windshield wipers go full blast.

‘Mother Nature Speaks Loudly’ Chagaris captioned a video, that has so distant perceived roughly 250,000 views. This year’s California El Niño is so heated that it’s been nicknamed ‘Darth Niño.’


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