How to Restore Your TREZOR Seed Using MultiBit HD

One of the risks of owning a hardware wallet is that it could get lost or stollen. In case this happened to you you can always use your recovery seed in order to move your Bitcoins into a different wallet. In this short post I will explain how to recover your Bitcoins using your recovery seed using MultiBit HD. This guide is also available for the Copy wallet here.

Step 1 – Install MultiBit HD on your machine

Go to MultiBit’s homepage and install the desktop wallet according to your OS. If you already have Multibit HD installed on your machine make sure you have your recovery seed for that wallet written down before restoring your TREZOR seed.

Step 2 – Choose “Restore a wallet”

Run the MultiBit HD wallet and after start up choose “Restore a wallet” from the menu as shown below

Restore wallet multibit hdRestore wallet multibit hd

Step 3 – Type in your recovery seed

Now you will need to type in your recovery seed exactly as it was given to you. Make sure to include spaces between words and double check that you don’t have

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