How to Restore Your TREZOR Seed Using MultiBit HD

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One of a risks of owning a hardware wallet is that it could get mislaid or stollen. In box this happened to we we can always use your liberation seed in sequence to pierce your Bitcoins into a opposite wallet. In this brief post we will explain how to redeem your Bitcoins regulating your liberation seed regulating MultiBit HD. This beam is also accessible for a Copy wallet here.

Step 1 – Install MultiBit HD on your machine

Go to MultiBit’s homepage and implement a desktop wallet according to your OS. If we already have Multibit HD commissioned on your appurtenance make certain we have your liberation seed for that wallet created down before restoring your TREZOR seed.

Step 2 – Choose “Restore a wallet”

Run a MultiBit HD wallet and after start adult select “Restore a wallet” from a menu as shown below

Restore wallet multibit hdRestore wallet multibit hd

Step 3 – Type in your liberation seed

Now we will need to form in your liberation seed accurately as it was given to you. Make certain to embody spaces between difference and double check that we don’t have

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