How To Use Bitcoin For Uber

How To Use Bitcoin For Uber

Uber and Bitcoin are among the most groundbreaking technologies currently on the market. Uber, part of the so-called sharing economy, has created jobs and helped people arrive at their destination safely.

The company has grown, attracting the attention of governments worldwide. The issue for Uber circles on the fact that, in order to drive a taxi or become a taxi company, regulations ensure you keep your customers safe. Uber is not governed by similar regulations. This has unfortunately led to many cities throughout the world to try and ban the new technology startup. Yet, it remains.

Bitcoin has not had an easy go of it either, with governments the world over investigating the digital currency, and in many cases determining that it abets drugs and other illicit activities.

Despite these issues, both Uber and Bitcoin survive into the present day. Uber, though it has its occasional issues with its drivers and cities, keeps expanding to more cities. Bitcoin, despite governments looking to regulate the currency, has also grown, as well,

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