Iceland’s Pirate Party Tops Opinion Polls, Leader Seeks to Create ‘Switzerland of Bits’

Following recent successes of the Finnish Pirate Party’s Bitcoin funding in the country’s 2015 election campaign, its Icelandic counterpart is now causing an even greater stir.

Pirate party rising

Iceland’s Píratar party, itself a spin-off of Sweden’s Pirates, has shot up in recent opinion polls, to the extent that, according to two recent surveys, they would even be the most popular party if elections were held today.

The dramatic shift in public taste in Iceland, which has had a right-of-center government for all but one term since World War Two, has clear implications for the status of disruptive instruments such as Bitcoin. Iceland became one of the few jurisdictions to ban digital currency outright in March 2014.

Now, with surprising yet groundbreaking changes in popular ideology in the country, the scope for change to occur could well become magnified in the run-up to the forthcoming general election in 2017.

“We, the people, are the system,” Píratar’s leader Birgitta Jónsdóttir began in a recent TEDx talk earlier this month, a remark evocative of the decentralized principles whose implications remain excluded from the Icelandic economy.

While commentators are unsure as to whether this spike in popularity of disruptive politics is

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