IFeelGoods and SnapCard Bring Bitcoin Rewards To Customers Worldwide

A recent partnership between SnapCard and Ifeelgoods opens up the door for a ton of major retailers to start accepting Bitcoin.  Not necessarily as a payment option per sé, but they can also use Bitcoin as a form of a rewards program.  A major step in the right direction for digital currency adoption, assuming some of those companies decide to look into the option.

IfeelGoods – Reward System With Digital GiftsIFeelGoods

The main goal of a company such as IFeelGoods is to connect merchants and retailers with a digital rewards program.  By using cutting edge technology – no, not the blockchain just yet – IFeelGoods offers various features to their partners.  Inventory management for a diversity of reward codes, gift cards and discount codes is a key element for retailers to improve their customer satisfaction rate.

Once a retailer has set up their inventory of digital codes, IFeelGoods will offer real-time monitoring and alerting on inventory levels.  Additionally, participating retailers can decide to optimize their reward costs by enabling multiple suppliers.  This will also help with the overall campaign management, which brings additional features such as fraud management and multi-language support to the table.

Furthermore, IFeelGoods will also ensure all of a retailer’s digital codes are stored safely and securely, and make all rewards fully traceable.  Last but not least, a platform such as this has to be open and scale-able, and IFeelGoods achieves that by using a cloud-based infrastructure that can auto-scale based on load and demand.

It should come as no surprise that quite a lot of major brands and retailers are using the IFeelGoods platform to reward customer loyalty.  Among those names are the likes of Walmart and McDonalds, two major brands inside and outside of the United States.  And with the partnership between IFeelGoods and SnapCard, a potential use case for Bitcoin is just around the corner.

Partnering With SnapCard, Bitcoin Rewards In The Future?Snapcard

SnapCard is a Bitcoin service provider offering a wide range of services.  The company’s main goal is facilitating the usage of Bitcoin for both individuals and businesses alike.  Bringing liquidity to the digital currency community is one of the many prongs of their business strategy.  Additionally, SnapCard makes it easy for retailers and merchants to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

“Bitcoin is a first-rate addition to the Ifeelgoods’ rewards catalog, that aims to gather all the premium digital content available.  Most importantly, we’re delighted to enrich our catalog with the first reward redeemable in any country to help us meet the growing demand of brands looking to launch global rewards campaigns and programs.” – IFeelGoods’ CEO and Co-founder Michael Amar told DigitalMoneyTimes.

As a result of this partnership with SnapCard, any merchant or retailer using IFeelGoods’ service can now create campaigns and offer Bitcoin-based rewards to their customers. Considering there over 10 million Bitcoin users worldwide, such a partnership could not come at a more opportune time for all parties involved.

And that is not all, as the partnership will expand IFeelGoods’ potential customer base to anyone in the world, up from its previous 30+ support countries.  Bitcoin is a decentralized and borderless digital payment method, which allows anyone in the world to send funds to anyone else in the world at a miniscule fee.

Source: IFeelGoods Blog

Images courtesy of IFeelGoods, SnapCard, Shutterstock