Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act: Biometric Privacy Invasion

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The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act  seeks to maintain the privacy of all data received through biometric scanning. As of the time of this article’s writing, there is a new bill that seeks to change certain wording in the act that would make it easier to acquire biometric information and biometric identifiers.

“Biometric identifiers” include voiceprints, fingerprints, facial geometry, and iris scans. An identifier does not include anything covered under the Genetic Information Privacy Act, nor height, weight, eye or hair color. The amendment to the bill seeks to change the definitions of the aforementioned identifiers and lengths at which they can be acquired. For example, a mobile phone’s camera can detect a fingerprint and the proposed wording could allow it to count as a “detector or electronic beam” and thus be admissible. And possibly even worse is the fact that the new wording would drop digital facial recognition from being covered by the law; meaning that data collected by software would no longer be protected.

Some of the most popular ways of this data being collected is through Facebook, Google photos, and Snapchat. It is worth noting that all three are embroiled in lawsuits for violating the act, and

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