In Conversation with Vishal Gupta, the CEO of got a chance to speak with’s founder and CEO Vishal Gupta. As we dwelled into a constructive conversation, we got to know how a service could revolutionize the way we make internet searches. Mr. Gupta enthusiastically spoke about SearchTrade’s genuinely innovative business model. Here are some excerpts from the conversation:

NewsBTC: What is the history of SearchTrade?

Vishal Gupta: It started with an idea about how we build digital assets. That’s where we began. From there, it went to the zone of equitable internet. We thought about building a business model, which is sustainable and could incentivize more people. We had various options and ways to imply different ideas, but the one that wasn’t explored then was the search engine industry. We realized that a maximum of what happens on internet starts with a search.

I guess from there we realize that search creates a lot of value on internet. That is the single-most important and common activity. Then why not turn into something that incentivizes people. That is where the concept of SearchTrade started originating.

How do you incentivize people with a search engine?

See, if we move into a zone where search is valuable then we can definitely turn

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