Indonesian Journalist: Follow Japan’s Example and Support Bitcoin

Indonesian Journalist: Follow Japan’s Example and Support Bitcoin

Indonesia should follow Japan and support bitcoin, according to an article in, an online portal of news and entertainment that focuses on Indonesian readers both in the country and living abroad.

The article, by journalist Kurniasih Miftakhul Jannah, calls for the country to take action to make bitcoin more acceptable in his country, in light of the progress other countries are making.

The article noted that bitcoin has been approved as a legal currency in Japan. Japan’s Financial Services Agency, which manages the circulation of the yen currency, will regulate bitcoin, the article stated.

Japan Considers Bills

The National Diet in Japan (the legislature consisting of the Lower House and the Upper House) is currently deliberating over bills to regulate bitcoin and other virtual currencies and a keenly contested bitcoin industry in Japan is watching closely, CCN reported recently.

Japan’s Cabinet in March approved bills to revise laws including the Banking Act and Payment Service Act to stipulate that virtual currencies have “asset-like values” that can be used in

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