‘Innovation is Like Toothpaste: It Can’t be Put Back in the Tube’

CoinTelegraph spoke with Stuart Hoegner, the editor of the book titled “The Law Of Bitcoin” on his experience in being part of the team behind the project as well as his opinion on bitcoin regulation around the globe.

The Law Of Bitcoin is a book published in June that provides legal guidance on Bitcoin issues in four countries; Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States.

CoinTelegraph: In The Law Of Bitcoin you explore the legal status of Bitcoin in Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. How did you arrive at this list of countries?

Stuart Hoegner: We wanted to delve into the details in each jurisdiction we covered. There are many resources out there that cover more countries, but in a cursory manner. Our project strives to cover fewer countries but in greater depth. We sought to include a non-common law jurisdiction (Germany), as well. We wanted truly expert and informed commentary. We had other countries on our list and could have included more, but we were only happy with the level of expertise that we had in these four, to start with.

CT: The title of your book implies that it is a legal

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