Intel Forays into Internet of Things

Internet of Things is the next in-thing. All electronic device manufacturing companies are eyeing the segment. Intel, Samsung, Google… you name it and they are gradually making inroads into the segment. Intel especially already has a lot riding on it. The semiconductor company is working hard to be the first on to get there.

Intel’s sense of urgency to dominate the Internet of Things segment was evident in its recent keynote during annual Intel Developer Forum earlier this week when they displayed proof of concept robots that can be controlled with hand gestures. Some of the other concepts they displayed included an intelligent vending machine with facial recognition ability which can recognize the person in front of it and dispenses the food or drink frequently ordered by that person and so on.

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Apart from becoming the first mover in the Internet of Things segment Intel is also striving to come up with new, creative, industry changing ideas that are in sync with current technology to keep the revenues flowing amid dwindling PC sales. With new faster, more powerful chips and other smart devices, the company is

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