Internet Activists Ridicule PM Cameron’s Plan to Ban Strong Encryption in the UK


British Prime Minister David Cameron said that his government intends to ban strong encryption, UK’s leading political news website reports.

In reply to Tory Member of Parliament Henry Bellingham, who asked the prime minister whether the attacks in Tunisia meant it was time companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter understand that their current privacy policies are completely unsustainable, Cameron said that the security services must always be able to spy on online communications.

“Britain is not a state that is trying to search through everybody’s emails and invade their privacy,” said Cameron. “We just want to ensure that terrorists do not have a safe space in which to communicate. That is the challenge, and it is a challenge that will come in front of the House. We have always been able, on the authority of the home secretary, to sign a warrant and intercept a phone call, a mobile phone call or other media communications, but the question we must ask ourselves is whether, as technology develops, we are content to leave a safe space – a new means of communication – for terrorists to communicate with each other.

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