Interview With German-Plaza Admin

German-Plaza,  Is a market focused at digital items, we recently conducted an interview with one of the admins. Here it is:

Admin proof –

Who are you and what is your background concerning the darknet?

I’ve been part of the regular clearnet crime scene for about eight years and I entered the darknet about four years ago. Since then, I have had a lot of positive and also negative experiences with several markets and vendors. I originally began in the German scene where my team and I made a name for ourselves. If we saw anything suboptimal on the darknet, we couldn’t just watch helplessly. We acted immediately and were able to rectify justice and gather invaluable experiences.

Obviously I won’t any nicknames or specific projects which could be retraced back to us. I’m sure you understand that. =)

What is your role in German-Plaza?

As far as I’m concerned, I am responsible for both the vendor support and the marketing. We advertise internationally on a lot of sites and on clearnet and darknet forums, advertisements on Tor, on .onion wikis, and of course on listings such as Reddit, DNStats and DeepDotWeb. Basically, it’s my goal to increase our customer base.

Furthermore, we have a great

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