Is Craig Wright a bitcoin genius?

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Is Craig Wright a multimillionaire talent behind bitcoin: a digital banking now value over £8bn and melancholy to do for banks what Uber did to cab offices? Or does he only unequivocally wish people to trust he is?

Earlier this year, we were postulated an talk with Wright. GQ‘s Senior Commissioning Editor Stuart McGurk met him, holding along Dr Nicolas Courtois, a techer in cryptology during University College London and an consultant in bitcoin, as GQ’s consultant witness.

As you’ll hear from a unusual audio mention below, a confront – that took place in an bureau on Tottenham Court Road, executive London – grew ever some-more exhilarated and profane, as Wright grew ever some-more mad during a doubt that was directed to determine his claim.

“You’ve got this one thing,” he pronounced during one point. “If we don’t like it, fuck off!”