Is Cryptocurrency the New Gold? Why Greece is Rolling Out 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs


If you read one of my previous articles, It’s Greek to Me: What a Financial Crisis Means for Cryptocurrency, then you might remember my closing question. Basically, I wanted to know what the Greek economic crisis and the surge of Bitcoin interest meant for economies around the world. At the time of my last writing, Bitcoin interest in Greece had decreased somewhat because of the economy’s stabilization.

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Gaining Foothold

As it turns out, Bitcoin has only been gaining more and more of a foothold in Greece as people still feel economic uncertainty. Those same strict regulations that were put in place in June 2015 are still in place, and cryptocurrencies let people get around those controls.

Greeks can still only withdraw about $66 per day, and they can’t move money into foreign bank accounts. Now, so many people are using Bitcoin that business owners are actually requesting Bitcoin ATMs to meet customer demands.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized and global, making it more stable in the eyes of Greeks who are fearing an economic disaster.

From the perspective of the cryptocurrency industry, this

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