Is Deffie Hellman Key Exchange Vulnerable ?

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I have yet to hear of any cryptographic or ‘technical’ method void of complete vulnerability . As a security engineer, I have encountered diverse forms of key exchange methods, how two parties share public values or keys to over public channels.

Some have suggested we should forgo D – H key exchange. Rather, we should focus on customizing our own key exchange to minimize threats of publicly shared keys and even those kept secretly by two parties.

If keys generated by experienced cryptographers are deemed ‘not trustworthy, then why should we rely on key exchange methods like Deffie –Hellman?

Nevertheless, Deffie – Hellman is one of my preferred cryptographic key exchange methods. Although, some experts perceive it as a weaker exchange because of how public keys are transmitted over a public medium . Technically, the mechanism of exchanging public values is seen as the gateway to attacks like logjam, birthday and man –in –the –middle attacks.

Diffie – Hellman is a key exchange protocol developed by Deffie and Hellman in 1976 . The main purpose of Deffie-Hellman is to allow two parties to exchange a secret over a public medium without having anything shared beforehand.

How D-H Key Exchange Works :

Logically, there

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